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Welcome to The Longest Running Blues Jam.

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Gahanna Ohio is home to one of the longest running Blues Jams in the United States. The jam has been happening every Monday night for almost 37 years.

When you walk into the Dolphin Lounge at 345 Agler road you walk back in time to an era of Bluesy Dive Bars. Gig bags and equipment are spread throughout the room. Black"egg carton" sound proofing is on the ceiling and a retro 1960's dome style fire place sits near the stage.

Mike Dudley is the host of the Ric P. Boals jam named after the long time host and blues artist being inducted into Columbus Blues Alliance Hall Of Fame who started the jam Ric P. Boals.

This jam is clearly a musicians Jam.

You never know who is going to show up. But chances are most folks in the bar are musicians. I've played with so many talented people at this jam. Lori "Dolphin" the owner of the Dolphin Lounge is carrying out her family legacy. Passed down from her mother the bar has music almost every night. The Dolphin is not strictly a blues bar. Lori brings in all kinds of music. "What ever works for the audience." She said when I asked what genre's of music she usually has at the bar. Close to Lori's heart is giving back to the community. Especially for folks touched by cancer. She holds several fund raisers and Charity events every year.

I asked Lori who is the most famous musician to come to the jam?

It was Eric Clapton! Lori miss seeing him that night because she wasn't working . So Mom got to meet him . If you're ever in the Central Ohio Columbus area check out this award winning Dive Bar . Especially on a Monday night. If you see me say hello!

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