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Equipment Selection: Synthesizers
Korg Minilogue, Korg Microkorg

Professional Musician


Music Composer

At a young age Amelia  Rose's grandmother gave her a keyboard to play for autism therapy.  Strengthening her mentally by working both sides of her brain. By middle school her talent was noticed. She was playing and composing music to  audiences. In high school she played in the Jazz band under the direction of Dr. Watkins. 

 Hello I'm Amelia Rose's mom. During high school I took Amelia to local open mic's and jams. I wanted to expose her to the Columbus Ohio music scene and was hoping she would learn to play well with other musicians. Traits of autism can impact working with others. Which all good musicians need to do. Through networking she met and became a member of Blue Spectrum a rising Ohio band whose motto is, “Life Is Not To Be Viewed Through The Single Lens Of A Diagnosis But To Be Lived Through The Spectrum Of Potential, Promise And Purpose.” Her music is always developing and diversifying. I am so proud of her and her music. Listen and go out to see a live show. 

                           Cynthia Grove Walsh

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